Sunday, June 28, 2009

Political Bonus: Military Coup

At the begining of the week, the president of Honduras was trying to have a public referendum to see if the country would support a constitutional amendment to let him run for re-election. The Supreme Court rules it unconstitutional, and the military commander condemned it. The heads of the army and other branches resigned in protest against the president. Then the Pres went and took hold of the ballots before they could be destroyed, and said he was going to hold the election anyway and they couldn´t stop him. This morning, the military removed the pres from office and shipped him to Costa Rica. By 4pm this afternoon, they had also sworn in his replacement (head of Congress) to serve until the next scheduled election in November. Hugo Chavez is being a big jerk and threatening to remove the new gov´t by force. We´re watching CNN en espaƱol and the international community also does not support the new president.

What does this mean for us? Several people told us that we should stay inside the house and not go out. We had a lot to do today, but instead we laid out, watched a movie, and slept. It is not very fun to be under house arrest I have decided. Finally we have ventured out to an internet cafe for some news in english and email updates. All is well, but the big stinker is I am supposed to travel to San Pedro Sula to catch a flight for a family reunion this Thursday, and the US Embassy is advising against any unecessary travel. I have my fingers crossed that in the next four days things get better instead of worse. boo


  1. hi cuzzy,
    just updated myself on your trip--how entertaining you have made it for me to read. can't wait to see you!! kisses.

  2. I hope everything works out, that sounds kind of scary!